Loch Ness Tour from Inverness

loch ness tour from inverness

Come and explore Loch Ness with MacLeod’s Highland Tours. This Loch Ness tour from Inverness will take you round what is arguably the most famous loch in the world. Unrivaled by any other Loch in the British Isles. Loch Ness holds mystery and magic for all ages. A must for your list of places to visit.

Loch Ness has captured the imagination of the world, home of Nessie the Lochness Monster. Come and experience the Loch in the great glen first hand, from the water’s edge to the hilltop panoramic views. Explore the ruins of the most battle scared castle in the Highlands Urquhart Castle. Visit the Nessie Exhibition find out for yourself just what’s under the water.


Wonder at the mighty 165ft water fall at the village of Foyers which feeds into Loch Ness. Stop at the shores edge at the village of Dores and enjoy a coffee or a wee dram as you look up the Loch. A must for all Nessie fans young or old.


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